Welcome to my first riddle attempt!

Firstly I have to say that I owe all this to my good friends MissTerry
(for hosting the riddle and designing my ideas) and Tammy (for encouraging
me from the first moment and beta testing it).

I am a young witch with great ambitions.
I want to steal Scrooge McDuck's "Number One Dime".
Can you help me?
To achieve this you must pass a series of levels.
Most of them are easy but some of them are... interesting (I hope!).

All you have to do is to change the URL when you have the answer like this:

The answer is always lower case without spaces and when the answer has numbers then use numbers!

So now we are ready to start the magic of riddles!
Follow me...
Username: rovenaone
Password: havefun

Together we'll get to the end and take the dime!
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