Hall of Fame
1. small-tool 2014-02-09 Great first riddle, Rovena. Had a lot of fun with it. Thanks for making :)
2. Cawulla 2014-02-09 Thanks so much Rovena. Really enjoyed your first riddle. Can't wait for your next!
3. Donas 2014-02-09 Thanks for the riddle Rovena!! It was quite challenging!
4. LinR 2014-02-10 That was a lot of fun and quite challenging. Loved it!!!
5. Mtatt100 2014-02-11 Nice riddle Rovena look forward to rovenatwo
6. rbud 2014-02-12 I made it!! Wonderful riddle, welldone, and I learned a lot, plus had such a good time! Thanks so much, and hope to see more from you in the future.
7. Veri 2014-02-12 I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much, Rovena. You did a beautiful work.
8. flowerbird 2014-02-12 I really enjoyed every level :D Thank you! And make them more ;)
9. Luthorien 2014-02-12 Well done rovena, great first riddle!! Please a little less Google next time LOL! Thank you so much!! :)
10. pichi 2014-02-13 Excellent riddle! congratulate you and I hope next Rovena
11. molly lena 2014-02-13 thanks Rovena for the riddle, very good, I like!
12. TurningTides 2014-02-13 Well done ! Great 1st riddle... please keep them coming :)
13. vlc5863 2014-02-13 Thank you for the fun. Great job and creativity.
14. Ceebee 2014-02-15 Thanks Rovena. Great first riddle. Looking forward to the next one.
15. balmoral 2014-02-15 Thanks for the riddle. It was fun :)
16. Angua 2014-02-15 Great riddle. Thx
17. mehroon 2014-02-18 Most interesting and great riddle. Waiting for your next one
18. SwissMiss 2014-07-8 great riddle - Thanks Rovena
19. PEL45 2015-05-17 Many thanks Rovena - a terrific riddle. Looking forward to the next one!
20. chrisa.d 2015-06-14 thanks rovena. I enjoyed it very much. waiting for the next one
21. Namnet 2015-06-21 Thank you Rovena for an amazing riddle!! I enjoyed every level of it. Really looking forward to the next one!
22. MishuAnubis 2015-08-23 good levels, thanks for riddle
23. Aleatha 2015-08-30 Thank you Rovena, really nice riddle :)